Waiting for the voters…


One thought on “Waiting for the voters…

  1. Yesterday, Sunday the 17th, I’ve been voting myself. In Munich the citizens were asked to decide in favour or agains the plans to build a new, third runway for the Munich Airport.
    When I was little, my parents used to always take me to this Sunday election events. It was quiet and the church-bells were ringing the Christians to mass. We had to put on our nice Sunday clothes. Till today this feeling of being given a great gift and having the right to vote lasts.
    You image expresses very much this feeling I always had, and I still have. The almost holy, magical room, waiting for the many to form one will…or something like that… (I’m not to spiritual, so I might be spreading a bit to much kitsch here…)
    Oh, the small volunteer run group, who called the citizen’c decision against the 3rd jetty won against the Million-Euro company “Airport Munich” and the government of Bavaria with their expensive marketing campaign, trying to convince the citizens they urgently needed 3 instead of 2 runways.
    Great shot! Thanks for sharing!

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