Kurama (Kyoto), October, 2011

4 thoughts on “Hi-matsuri

    1. thanks! I was in Kyoto the last 10 days and now I miss it a lot!!
      Your project is very interesting! I will check your page on flickr…
      what are you doing in Japan for one year?!?

  1. Kyoto is beautiful! I just blogged my first post from there. Thanks for checking out my project. I really like your photography style, great black and white street photography. The one on the escalator is amazing. I am in Japan teaching English for a year- great way to get paid to see the country! What are you up to in Japan?

    1. Nice idea to travel all around! unfortunately italian isn’t a so demanded language…
      I was in Kyoto for a week, a holiday week, with the aim of taking pictures of people and places.
      Did you go to the Kurama festival? it was great!! I’m going to upload some pics of that night, but it’s a difficult choice…

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