Kyoto Station – Taxi

Kyoto, October 2011

53 thoughts on “Kyoto Station – Taxi

  1. I like how the traffic is so thick and immovable that the motorists just get out and shoot the breeze with each other. You’d think more American motorists would try that some time.

  2. You can never go wrong with black and white! Nice! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Are those taxi drivers in some kind of taxi-cab waiting area in the pic?! That’s sure what it looks like.

  3. *sigh. I miss Kyoto. Seeing this makes me miss it more!

    When I went there, I photographed the geisha walking (feel free to check out my post!). I’m hoping to go back next year too.

    Congrats on fp and thanks for sharing!

  4. I remember taking the Shinkansen to Kyoto for day trips back when I lived in Tokyo and had an unlimited JR pass. This is a great shot; I know exactly the vantage point you used! Kyoto is such a lovely city, having been spared from most of the bombing during WWII.

  5. Very good picture. I appreciate the fact that you found a photo op in something as simple as what seems like normal everyday rush hour traffic. Which most of us would ignore. Well done.

  6. Kyoto is a tourist town with many ancient roads which are hard to navigate; plus, parking is limited. The trains and buses are not very convenient for getting around to see many sights. These taxis are waiting at the train station to shuttle tourists around the back streets of Kyoto. This photo captures the scene well.

  7. In Japan, that “retro” feeling is all around. It’s a very well-preserved place with some absolutes when it comes to standards but still feels timely. Like some friends in South Korea said, Japan is “full of ghosts.”

    1. Thanks Michele! I just had a look to your blog and… it’s great!
      I’d like so, so, much to do a photographic reportage on the arab women, their everyday life, their homes, families etc.

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